Transformers prime fanfiction bumblebee is optimus son

Genre is Comedy. Cute! It's not chibi or anime, but it's still cute. Ok I can't be the only one that sees a father and son relationship between these two r This is a Transformers Prime fanfiction. Bumblebee (known as Abejorro in Mexico, Bumble in Japan, Moscardo in Portugal, Űrdongó in Hungary, Maggiolino in Italy, Bourdon in France) is the "little brother" of the heroic or protagonistic Autobot faction and a mascot, constantly striving to prove himself in the eyes of the other robots—especially his leader, Optimus Prime. Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee Factory sealed DVD Join Bumblebee and the rest of the valiant Autobots, led by the legendary Optimus Prime, in this exciting collection of Bumblebee’s best mo… Page 1 of 3 - is bumblebee optimus prime's son? - posted in Transformers Discussion: can transformers have offspring? I get the gut feeling that bumblebee is optimus primes son. 1480443) en Bumblebee "/co/ - Comics & Cartoons" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of Western cartoons and comics. Category is Transformers Movie 2007. " "the-shadowed-gladiator said: {For the open requests} I& so torn between more spark!Optimus keeping watch on the Bots or Sideswipe and Sunstreaker relaxing together all fluffly like, so I& let you. idk let me know what yall think and if i tagged it enough Transformers The Spark She Holds Ch. I don't own any of the characters. Will they ever escape? Transformers optimus prime fanfiction keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website De M5 Optimus Prime auto is een musthave voor de echte Transformers fan! Deze auto vrachtwagen is gemaakt van metaal en ziet er stoer uit met de rode vlammen aan de zijkanten van de cabine.

You and your brother were heading to a school where both cybertronians and humans attend to. He ran over to the truck, and climbed in. ”, optimus,remember this you may lose your faith in us but,never in your selves”, sam,” i need to know This early concept art from Transformers age of extinction shows optimus prime in his robot mode displaying his weapons. La segunda temporada se anunció, y fue transmitida el 28 de noviembre de 2011. And then some of us know and love them In the Transformers Universe game fansite kit released by Jagex, there are some nice artworks of three characters who are central to the Transformers franchise – Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee. Truth of the matter is, they did. As if Primus had heard her call for help, he got her out of there safely and intact. Optimus smiled. He is a member of the titular Transformers, an extraterrestrial race of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms (e. DISCOVER THE TRANSFORMERS.

DeviantArt: More Like Transformers Robots in Disguise 2015 Promo by Transformers Prime comic cover for IDW. All Tranformers characters are half human. This is very useful to me as I use high amounts of detail in my work in robotics and mechanisms. Predaking and Bumblebee How to Train your Predacon - I smiled way too much at this How to train you predacons by Pagodon on deviantART. Darkness Rising, Part 1; Dreadwing is the twin to Skyquake. An alternate take on the Transformers Prime series with a more competent MECH and a different story told. Mar 18, 2019- I just love and completely support their father/son relationship in the shows and movies! | See more ideas about Transformers bumblebee, Optimus prime and Father and son. He IS the first Prime, however, to wield a RAWK AWESOME AXE as a weapon Transformer animated starscream x optimus x megatron en el cual optimus decide suicidarse por todo el daño y las malas cosas que le pasan pero starscream y megatron lo salvan y deciden llevárselo lejos para tenerlo seguro lo sanan y todo después entre los tres se añoran y forman un trío días después la guardia élite encuentran a optimus Sam answered, as he heard a horn and he looked up seeing Optimus Prime in his semi mode. Join him as he fights for survival, kicks some decepti-creep aft, and discovers what it means to love. According to the packaging call-outs for Cybertron Mode, DVD two-pack and Voyager Optimus Prime, his weapon is an "Ion-Axe" (or "Ion Axe").

Net; Cyborgs; Summary. La serie comenzó, bajo el nombre de "Transformers: Prime - The Animated Series". See more What others are saying "A Centelha do Optimus visitando os Bots. Subscribe to HasbroStudiosShorts: http Bumblebee is an Autobot warrior and the former scout of Team Prime as well as the guardian of his human friend, Raf Esquivel, in Transformers: Prime. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. “Sari, why do you wear that thing instead of armor?” You were new to Cybertron. Optimus Prime's bio on his Happy Meal toy at McDonald's says he is a FIRE TRUCK CAB. Arcee has been captured by Megatron, and is now his queen. Optimus Prime gets his revenge on the Autobots, as well as the humans, and attacks them individually. g.

What's more, Arcee is pregnant with Optimus' son, but Megatron has plans for the both of them. Kept hidden Ratchet decides to run and attack Bumblebee to stop him from waking up Megatron. I need helping finding a fic form years ago. While drawing heavily from the AOE Evasion mode design, this is an all-new figure featuring some fun gimmicks like weapon integration and a swappable face. Met de 6 wielen eronder ziet de Optimus Prime er sterk en krachtig uit. father and son ) I DO NOT OWN TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED CONTAINS PROWLBEE Bumblebee is a baby now and he is a orphan and Optimus prime Only own the video. optimus is more than a human to me and to some of my fellow prime lover sout there he is a brother. He IS the first Prime, however, to wield a RAWK AWESOME AXE as a weapon Optimus Prime's bio on his Happy Meal toy at McDonald's says he is a FIRE TRUCK CAB. Review of IDW Transformers: Optimus Prime #25. None of Optimus' toys ever came with his trademark 'grappler launcher' weapons.

Transformers: Prime focuses on the superheroic Autobots of "Team Prime", which consists of Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead. Transformers: Generation 1. Bumblebee, A homeless scout, is one day attacked. It was a surprisingly soothing sound and with his legs sore from countless minutes of pacing he was more than happy to relax, calming down from his earlier meltdown. What I do remember: Sam is turned into a sparkling Somehow he is found/taken to the Decepticon base (not sure they know who he used to be), and is pampered, Megatron makes turns his optics purple when the red scares the sparkling and makes the Decepticons change their optic colors as well. The original Primes had descendants, including Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime. I do not remember much of the specifics. Although, Megatron is control of Bumblebee's body and is able to defeat him. See more I've been wanting to do this for a while ago!! Please don't judge!! ;^; optimus prime x reader bayverse optimus prime bayverse optimus optimus prime bayverse imagine transformers x reader transformers imagine imagine drabble writing promt? maybe? can a vid count as a writing prompt? cybertronian reader pick up lines imababblekat's writing The ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree with a ribbon hanger. In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Bumblebee is summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth from a new faction of Decepticons that threaten the safety of everyone! Optimus Prime, known in Japan as Convoy (コンボイ, Konboi), is a fictional character from the Transformers franchise.

Mojo Mayhem – Chapter 7 by Phoenix. (Book cover goes Transformers Armada, Transformers Bumblebee, Transformers Optimus Prime, Tf Art, Starco, Robots, Chibi, 2016 Movies, Father And Son ☞Dasha cuz※ трансфомери He dose not in the first or the second movie I do not believe that he dose in the animated series either yes Optimus Prime has a son as u will see in transformers 3 No, Optimus Prime has never had Transformers Prime Bumblebee Transformers Bumblebee Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Fandom Crossover Animation Series Live Action Marvel Dc Deviantart Sam and Bumblebee by yo-3. Bumblebee was a very important member of Optimus' team during the Great War and was with Optimus for the longest out of any Autobot, excluding Ratchet. : cars and other objects). . Arcee mentioned Bumblebee is related to her, or at least her "family" in the figurative sense of the word. Consta de un total de 65 episodios y tres temporadas. Original Transformers, Transformers Bumblebee, Transformers Prime, Optimus Prime, Transformers Generation 1, Transformers Characters, Comic Books, Comic Art, Superhero Dmitry Grozov Transformers Wisdom cannot be granted, it must be earned. It is described as a "Split Spark Optimus Prime; Arcee (Transformers) Bulkhead (Transformers) Ratchet (Transformers) Bumblebee (Transformers) Team Prime; Autobots (Transformers) Decepticons (Transformers) MECH (Transformers) Cross-Posted on FanFiction. 9 Bumblebee sat under the shadows of Charlie’s room, his audio receptors catching the soft sounds of the human’s breathing.

Jada Hollywood Rides 1:24 Transformers 2007 Camaro Concept Bumblebee Found in US I've seen the owners son grow up, and I've never asked about Transformers Fanfic Why The Ark Has No Doors by PrincessArtemis It has been asked why the Autobots never tried to up their defenses by adding doors to the outside of the Ark. com #Transformers Transformers Art Transformers Bumblebee Primers Transformer 1 Optimus Prime Kawaii Fandoms Cute Fanfiction #wattpad #fanfic During an unfortunate accident that's half planned, the bots and cons are transformed into sparklings. Optimus pulled away taking Sam with him for a well-deserved conversation with the human boy. Found my Optimus Prime, Bumblebee is raised to become a great AutoBot warrior. Ratchet happily left Optimus to play with Bumblebee, despite the fact that he would've been chasing away anyone else. Optimus Prime is not the first Autobot leader to wield an axe, but is the only Prime so far to make it his main gimmick. Optimus had been briefed by private commlink by Bumblebee about Transformers: Prime – His daughter, His best friend Chapter 12 – Transformers Prime Optimus and Megatron had discussed what type of story; they had for their daughters to tell their teachers about themselves. Optimus and Bumblebee: Father love by celtakerthebest. These full-body shots give us Jagex’s reimaginings of these three characters in all their glory. Summary: Bumblebee is set out to prove that he is the most attractive bot in a dress, although Optimus tries to convince him he doesn't need it.

Check them out attached to this post. Each piece includes one Hasbro Transformers Optimus Prime Christmas Ornament in a gift-ready box. net Cartoons Transformers/Beast Wars. Bumblebee played with the metal on Optimus' torso. He dose not in the first or the second movie I do not believe that he dose in the animated series either yes Optimus Prime has a son as u will see in transformers 3 No, Optimus Prime has never had Legendary Optimus Prime is a Takara exclusive addition to the Bumblebee movie line. He repeated the action, making Bumblebee laugh when Optimus cooed at him. This fanfiction is (Transformers Prime as Wolves) about how the AutoWolfs and the Wolfcons pack began. When Transformers from another reality, Skyfall and Landquake , arrived on Earth unexpectedly, Megatron stumbled upon them, only to find himself under attack by Optimus and his Autobots. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Bumblebee met Optimus Prime when he was delivering a message to him. Verzamel ook de andere Transformers auto's Barricade (art.

Transformers are living, human-like robots with the unique ability to turn into vehicles or beasts. She was transported to Earth where she was adopted by a human family. Prompt: Bumblebee decides that out of all the Autobots, he looks the best in a dress. Optimus Prime once considered Megatron his brother. Prime. maccadam transformers prime transformers prime fanfiction tfp optimus tfp ratchet tfp arcee tfp bulkhead tfp bumblebee tfp cliffjumper tfp miko tfp jack tfp raf I may make a side blog if it becomes popular enough to get to know the main charecter better. By: SlipknotGhidorah. optimus, “what your leaders say is true this was all my fault, i told them whom to trust, i was so wrong”,sam,” that doesnt make it your fault, it just makes you human for a change. Optimus opened his driver side door, and Sam smiled sadly. com #Transformers You were new to Cybertron.

Does anyone feel this way? thanks sorry if this is in the wrong section i dont know where else to put it Optimus Prime's Revenge, part 1--A TFP Story Summary: sequel to “You Need To Laugh More”. I hope you guys enjoy this fanfic! Thanks! ^^ (Transformer's Prime Fanfiction) A young girl calls herself Stormbreaker, she's one of the last experiments that survived the explosion of the labs that created her, taking her memories of her past and forget her dead family. Though he was unfamiliar with the Autobot's physical appearance, Bumblebee still took on the mission and soon enough, told Optimus that Sentinel Zeta Prime had died at the hands of the Decepticons. deviantart. Little Bee and OP by ShoGuru on DeviantArt Where's Mama Ratchet? All trolls are my children! #wattpad #fanfiction When they were battling in the field and done with the decepticons running away the Bee team finds you in an abandoned place without your parents such as your creator and sire but what happens when you catch the spark of a certain leader? The Transformers Fanfiction Community this chapter--the Giant, Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime son of a toaster --ugh!-- skew-wheeled excuse for a bingled Transformers: Prime is an American computer-animated superhero television series based on the Transformers toy franchise by Hasbro that aired on Hub Network from November 29, 2010 to July 26, 2013. Optimus Prime<<<<< I do have to say this I wasn't born in the but I think of the original Optimus prime instead of the movie version I still dispise the Director for doing that, for no other reason than he felt like it! (What a F Tardonia)<<<<I love that I see the first one, sleek red Still dork husband. She finds herself a recruit for 'Team Prime' after her es I Can Feel You All Around Me (Transformers Prime Fanfic) Fanfiction *Going Under Heavy Editing* While on a recon mission Flame gets ambushed by Cons. Follow/Fav Life as a Tortured Queen. Optimus Prime takes revenge on Ironhide. See more I've been wanting to do this for a while ago!! Please don't judge!! ;^; optimus prime x reader bayverse optimus prime bayverse optimus optimus prime bayverse imagine transformers x reader transformers imagine imagine drabble writing promt? maybe? can a vid count as a writing prompt? cybertronian reader pick up lines imababblekat's writing Legendary Optimus Prime is a Takara exclusive addition to the Bumblebee movie line.

. Optimus covered Bumblebee's optics, revealing them quickly. Perfect gift for fans and collectors of the "Transformers" toys, TV shows and movies. Transformers Knockout Transformers Bumblebee Transformers Prime Optimus Prime Primers Mental Help Fandoms Transformers Collection Shattered Glass After Knockout joined the autobots Miko thought it would be best to make an Autobot symbol for him. The stories of their lives, their hopes, their struggles, and their triumphs are chronicled in epic sagas that span an immersive and exciting universe where everything is More Than Meets the Eye. Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising, la película de esta serie fue lanzada el 4 de octubre de 2013. (Optimus x bumblebee. Optimus Prime had returned to Earth commanding Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Grimlock, Jetfire, Mirage and Rodimus (formerly Hot Rod) to counter the return of Megatron. Multi-chapter, Mature content inside, Be warned. Somg and pictures belong to their rightful owners.

" Fanfiction. transformers prime fanfiction bumblebee is optimus son

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